Banana Lounge Studio

Banana Lounge Studio


Hi my name is Jo, I like dabbling with all manner of materials for my artistic pleasure.

Recently I have become addicted to the Internet and justify this degradation by making digital collages that exemplify arts and crafts from the global arena.

I am particularly focused on traditional crafts and folk art from Mexico, China and Indigenous cultural groups including Papua New Guinea and the Torres Straight Islands.

The materials I use heavily influence what I make. My love of op shopping is made part of my art making process so I can make my hoarding of old stuff become legit.

My philosophy includes the belief that we’re all meant to create, making art isn’t only by the educated art elite. Every woman and mans crafts ( eg embroidery, weaving, wood work, paper cutting, basket making ) are just as important as the art in the museums and I hope to celebrate that in my art.

  • Frames an Pink Cloth
  • Geisha
  • Shipping Container Frame
  • Singer Boxes