Helen Otway

The Studio Cat Gallery

Helen is a local artist now living in the Tweed region, having moved from Melbourne.  She began her working career as an art teacher, inspiring and developing a love of art in her students.  She went on to become a school principal but never lost her love of art.


Helen’s works are a reflection of the world around her and have particular reference to the local landscapes of the hinterland and the seascapes of the coast. Her use of colours captures the different times of the day as well as the changing seasons.  Helen’s work has been described as having a sense of calm.


Whilst many of her works are oil on canvas or board, she also likes to use gouache for the vibrancy of the colour and the difference in texture.  Helen signs her work as “Lena” her name in her mother tongue and has exhibited in art shows and galleries in Melbourne, as well as locally.


Helen’s studio-gallery is always developing with new projects and artworks and she is happy to discuss her practice, inspiration and future directions with her visitors.  Her work is available to be purchased and commissions can be arranged.

Whilst you may not see her Studio Cat in the M-Arts Precinct, you will see her appear often on her Instagram feeds and stories!


Thursday to Saturday

9am to 2pm

Or by appointment