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Mealie Batchelor

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Amelia (or Mealie as she likes to be known as) is a multidisciplinary artist, working with an array of different materials within her sculptures and artworks. Her sculpture works are predominantly created with vintage and bespoke items, recycled and discarded materials. She has numerous strange and bizarre collections ranging from skulls, doll parts, feathers and natural oddities, to old cameras, bike parts and watch mechanisms. With a quirky sense and a slight steampunk touch, Mealie’s artworks reflect nature that cross pollinate with a magical curiosity. Her recent work as a key sculptor on movie sets and props design has complimented her ability to create and replicate sculpture works with clay, wax, silicone moulds, polystyrene and rendering techniques, evolving her fine art creations with integrity and flair.


Mealie also paints with oils and acrylics with the subject matter being mainly nature, animals and landscapes with an emphasis on conservation. Her latest body of work is called ‘ocean and earth’ with a significance on all things connecting.


Having a studio at the M-Arts Precinct will allow Mealie to engage with the community and other amazing local artisans in this inspiring area of northern NSW. Her new space will be encompassing all her unusual artworks and ‘Curio’ creations.


Mealie also hopes to evolve and establish some funky art workshops down the track which will incorporate assemblage with a vintage feel. Stay connected to the M-Arts precinct newsletter for updates ;0)