Nikki Shipard

Mill and Make

Shop | Create

Hi – I’m Nikki the person behind Mill & Make – shop | create.

I’d probably define myself as a self-taught multidisciplinary maker with a passion for teaching people new life skills… whether it’s yoga, eating good food or knitting. For me it’s about bringing people together to share and learn something new that will add benefit through rediscovering joy by developing a happy heart and headspace.

I’m inspired by beautiful natural yarns and fibre to creates unique objects with an emphasis on colour and clean lines. My work is currently focused on making simple crocheted and knitted wearable items and goods for the home.

So whats driven me to set up at M-ARTS?

During my beanie making stint this winter, I had so many people mention that they’d love to learn to crochet or knit too. And I also really struggled to find good quality yarn and tools to buy locally and was forced to go online to find my supplies. But for me, buying online feels so impersonal and I love walking into a real shop and feeling and seeing what I’m about to buy, especially when it’s something so textural like wool yarns, beautiful wooden knitting needles or crochet hooks.

And so the idea of a bricks and mortar store called “Mill & Make – shop | create” was formed.

Mill & Make – shop | create will stock high quality yarns, tools, notions, modern patterns and run loads of easy peasy learn to knit and crochet workshops…. we will have a free pattern library and some yarn and tools sitting on the table to practice with, so you can pop in any time and get busy making or learning to make…..and over time some other fibre crafts may appear like embroiderey or petit point, punchneedling, weaving, macrame… I’ll go with the flow and see what you guys would like to learn. And if I don’t know how to teach it, I’ll find some wonderfully skilled people who do!

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