Phillip J Hay

Phillip J Hay


Tuesday – Saturdays – 10:30am – 4pm

After working as a qualified electrical mechanic for nine years, Phillip left Sydney in 1980 to pursue the perilous life of a sculptor.

Living and working in a mud-brick house and studio in the Blue Mountains N.S.W. he now lives on “the edge” both literally and symbolically, working full-time as a professional artist.

“Making sculpture comes naturally to me and my imagination is easily brought to life with the direct method of electric arc welding.

I also use oxy-acetylene for cutting, brazing and forging the metals I use. From time to time I incorporate such complementary materials as sandstone, wood and found objects.”

Often the work is thought- provoking and sometimes humorous.

Phillip Hay’s sculptures are carefully constructed and engineered, constituting strong, balanced pieces that are professionally finished.