Jeff Gant

The Squinting Artist


Jeff is an Australian representational oil painter and dry media artist with a strong foundation in pen and ink.

He was born in Queensland and lived in Brisbane for many years before moving to New South Wales.

Largely self-taught he pursued life as a draftsman after completing his secondary education which exposed him to pen and ink as an artistic medium.

During this formative period he dabbled in oils preferring rather to work with pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen and ink. Always interested in art he cites the work of Rembrandt, Streeton, Sandorfi, Girotto as major influences and more recently Scott Waddell, David Gray and David Jon Kassan to name but a few.

Ever desiring to learn more of the craft he is an avid consumer of video master class artist workshops and has attended a number of hands on artist workshops.

In 2009 after working as a marketing coordinator producing computer generated print and online advertising and marketing material he commenced a full time art career.

Still with a strong interest in dry media he now pursues oil painting with a passion. His repertoire of subjects includes landscapes, still life, portrait/figure studies and semi abstract.

In early 2015 he took up an Artist Residency at the Caldera Art Gallery Murwillumbah. This allows him to focus on painting as well as providing tutoring for a growing student base.!/HOME

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