Arna Baartz

Arna Baartz


Arna is a painter, writer/poet, martial artist, educator and mother to eight fantastic children.

She has been expressing herself creatively for 45 years and finds it to be her favourite way of exploring her inner being enough to evolve positively in an externally focused world.

Arna’s artistic and literary expression is her creative perspective of the stories she observes playing out around her.

Claims to fame: Arna has been selected for major art prizes and won a number of awards, published books and (her favourite) was used as a ‘paintbrush’ at the age of two by well known Australian artist John Olsen!

Honouring The Mark

I will tell you the best thing that happens in my art workshops. It is something like magic and makes me feel so good ! This magical thing is the product of presence and appreciation, you see, where my students are concerned, I allow myself to see value in every mark, so as the facilitator…

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