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Arna Baartz

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A journey of love and inspiration

Arna is an artist, writer, educator and poet. She has been finger-painting from the beginning when her father, also creative, encouraged her by taping paper to the walls of their home and letting her loose with paint. As a result, she is an expressive artist with a belief in non-judgement, often purposefully leaving her ‘mistakes’ in an attempt to allow the unfolding to participate in a finished piece.

Her art’s practice ranges in extremes from the creation of small and playful to large and serious. Most of Arna’s work is an extension of her philosophical nature, bringing her gifts of personal insight and joy.

Arna has won and been selected for many art awards including those of prestige and has had both art and words published extensively around the globe.

Her first and favourite claim to fame however, was being held upside down and used as a paintbrush by Australian Artist, John Olsen. This fun was had at a workshop in St. John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, 1973.

Arna is delighted to have the opportunity to create in this lifetime. Her words and poetry are transcendental to a degree and offer the intention of unconditional love and hopefully a little dab of inspiration to anyone else on a similar journey.

“Her colors are dynamic and components of her paintings are iconic – making these pieces almost psychological statements. Love these paintings or hate them, they are certainly nothing short of unforgettable. I own a number of her pieces and will have more yet…” Mike Windrim ~ Canada