Inhale, Exhale, Release – Robyn Elizabeth

Inhale, Exhale, Release Robyn Elizabeth 17 January – 7 March 2020 Robyn Elizabeth’s collection of abstract paintings represents her path to recovery from blood cancer and the release experienced after a long period of simply inhaling and exhaling. The works are responses to visual and emotional stimulation, whether from the natural or built environment, experienced during…


map of experience – Haley Calderon

map of experience Haley Calderon 17 January – 7 March 2020 Haley Calderon’s works on paper, hand-moulded clay and installation trace a ‘map of experience’ through an introspective studio-based arts practice. Her work investigates non-representational imagery and art-making as a meditative practice; creating a visual language of the un-seeable signs of life. The architectural elements…

Angus McDonald

Interplay: Profiling the four collection areas

Interplay: profiling the four collection areas The Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre collection features works across four areas: Australian portraits; artworks of regional relevance; Australian artists’ prints and the life and work of Margaret Olley. The Interplay exhibition at Gallery DownTown features over 20 works by Australian artists including those local to…